Biomedical Development Corporation
Corazón Pipil
E-Commerce, dedicada a la comercialización de productos artesanales 100% Salvadoreño, para hermanos lejanos.
Fabrication and wholesale commerce of hygiene products, cleaning and home conservation, commercial and industrial, innovative and environmentaly correct products.
Effective Solutions for LIFE
Markets a domestic and internationally patent pending product that reduces snoring, increases the airway, and makes the mouth and throat area stronger through the use of a vacuum based exercise medical device. Our device, U-Firm, targets the actual physical cause of snoring and lax throat and mouth muscles.
TC_Strawberry Fields
We are producers of fresh strawberries in Sacramente California. We proudly sell them throughout the US and Mexico. Company Test
TC_Floors Reds
Our company has been in the industry for more than 10 years, we consider ourselves experts on the field. We sell different types of floors to fulfill your needs. Test Company!
TC_Arte Veracruzana
Elaboracion y comercializacion de artesanias endemicas de la zona elaboradas a base de productos marino y silvestre. La empresa cuenta con un extenso surtido en diseños. Test Company
Alicante Marble & Granite LLC
Alicante Marble & Granite is an importer, wholesaler, and distributor of first quality marble, travertine and granite. You can find variety of quality stones, tiles, backsplashes and decos for much lower prices. We carefully select all of our products from our factory warehouses around the country and offer them to you here at the Store. Alicante Marble & Granite offers currently premium quality natural stones at discount price. Check out our latest and the best product category today!
Mayan Dog
Dog Beds, leashes and collars created with woven fabric imported from Guatemala. I work with artisans from Panajchel to achieve a sustainable income for weavers in Guatemala.
Capri Temporary Housing
Temporary Corporate Housing Provider, providing furnished, fully serviced apartments and lodging for travelers and temporary personnel.
Carrillo International
Big State International
We are an importer of fresh produce and have a marketing department for fresh product and other dry goods.
We do import-export,of any agriculture commodity, we do any agribusiness project in the world, We produce vegetables in Mexico in order to import to USA. We will do HYDROPONIC crop production here in USA,We do consulting for all aver the world in the agriculture business.
I-Link Solutions, Inc
Our company, I-Link Solutions Inc. is a reliable and experienced import/export logistic company. Currently, we are located in Laredo, Texas USA and occupy a substantial warehouse space with more than the necessary resources to satisfy all your business requests. Furthermore, I-Link Solutions Inc. is committed to providing all of its customers with the highest possible quality of service. We understand that your company has high expectations when it comes to their logistic needs. For that reason, we are determined to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate in the most efficient and effective way possible in order to achieve your goals. I-Link Solutions Inc. will provide you with the most reliable, readiness, and reasonable service there is to offer. We welcome your business and anticipate acquiring an account with your company. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Retail Wholesale electronics, accesories, home appliances, software, services,