Super AdministratorSuper Administrator:

This is the user that manages the implementation and maintenance of the site in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, and Belize.  In addition, this user directly manages the registration of Country Administrators on and ensures that all user levels are able to access the site.

Administrator of CountryCountry Administrators:

There are currently four Country Administrators who ensure that the site functions correctly for their specific country.  These Country Administrators directly manage the registration of SBDC Centers and Center Administrators.

Center AdministratorCenter Administrators:

The Center Administrators are the users who update the localized content of their SBDC Center on the site.  This content includes their SBDC Center contact information and events.  In addition, these users manage the registration of SBDC Counselors and Clients.


The Counselors are the users who work directly with the Clients that register on the site.  Counselors assist Clients in completing projects, creating buy or sell requests, and engaging in negotiations.  Counselors also have access to resources available on


Clients are the direct users of the site who can participate in projects with their Counselors, posts buy or sell requests, engage in negotiations with other SBDC clients, and promote their company.  Through these functions, Clients can engage in international business commerce.