Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Focus is the only international trade platform created by SBDCs, for SBDC counselors and clients.  Only the small business clients, counselors and partners of the 1,200+ centers of the SBDC networks in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, and Belize will be able to utilize the powerful features of SBDCGlobal. The SBDC network is the largest and most successful small business assistance network in the world that has a 30-year track record of helping clients increase sales and lower costs.

The Ability to Uncover New Business Opportunities

The SBDC networks in the United States, Mexico, El Salvador, and Belize have over 750,000+ small business clients that are located in almost every community in their respective countries. Add the growing SBDC networks in other Latin American countries and you have one of the largest small business networks in the world. This network will help users uncover new business opportunities in cities and rural communities that have previously not been connected to the global marketplace.

Pre-Qualified Business Leads that Lowers Risk

On, only SBDC clients can post buy requests or sell offers.  As an added value, SBDC counselors on both sides of a transaction are notified of their clients’ buy or sell negotiations in order to provide assistance if needed and to help their clients successfully complete their trade transaction.

One-on-one SBDC Counseling Assistance is the Key!

Finding the right international buyers/suppliers is only the first step in trade. What small businesses also need is the information, guidance and tools that will help them find buyers/suppliers to structure the best deal possible. To assist in this area, has a powerful Project Management tool that will integrate free SBDC counseling services with the small businesses’ trade project.  SBDC counselors will be able to collaborate with their small business clients in researching important information, participating in online training modules and in assigning project tasks.

Cutting Edge Trade Information provides SBDC counselors and clients with cutting-edge resources regarding domestic business and international trade.  This information is free of charge and can be useful for business planning projects and to increase global sales for SBDC clients.

Completely Free and Confidential is free for all SBDC counselors, clients and partners.  As with all SBDC counseling services, also takes small business client confidentiality very seriously and utilizes state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to protect all site information.